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Medical monitoring

From a thorough preliminary medical examination to continuing guidance and medical monitoring through the course of treatment, we can help you safely and effectively lose weight.

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Effective Weight Loss With OPTIFAST

Are you looking to safely lose weight? Learn to manage your weight by making a healthy lifestyle a habit for life with OPTIFAST. Our experienced staff will closely monitor and assess your progress towards better health and well-being as you lose weight. Make sure your weight loss is both safe and effective with Southern Internal Medicine in Lake City, FL. We will create a personalized weight loss plan based on your health status and your weight loss goals.

Proven clinical results

Accepting patients 16 years

and older.

  • Average weight loss over 50 lbs

  • Average decrease in blood pressure 11%

  • Average decrease in cholesterol 14%

  • After 2 years, 40% of patients maintain more than half their weight loss.

Complete weight management system

  • Comprehensive lifestyle education

  • Meal replacement products

  • Expert counseling

  • Medical supervision

  • Ongoing personalized support

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